2017 RoboRAVE Nigeria, open to all school teams of two to three students in three divisions - Elementary | Middle | High & Post High schools.

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Launch Date
Feedback from a Previous RoboRAVE Participant:

Robot Academy - a parallel program for educators to learn ,how to build, program, & test robots on the same RoboRAVE challenges as school teams

  • Guided walk-through by world renowned experts
  • Three engaging hands-on session
  • Turn-key Robotics Curriculum for your school.
  • Networking and Peer feedback mechanism
  • 3 locations, about 160 teachers to be trained

What is RoboRAVE?

  • A ROBOTICS EDUCATION programme to teach students & teachers how to design, build, programme and tests robots to perform a variety of tasks
  • An International ROBOT COMPETITION for kids, ages 8 to adults, to test their design in one or more RoboRAVE robot challenges.


Experience the RoboRAVE moments through any of our mutually-exclusive RoboRAVE projects.

Brief Introduction to RoboRAVE Nigeria

At scheduled time in our annual calendar, we embark on a nationwide tour of schools to promote Robotics Education and Competition. We highlight the benefits and if possible we demonstrate how Robotics can excite, engage and entertain your student.

Over and over we have seen how the students from those in primary schools and secondary have received our brief demontstration of what they can do with Robotics, either in the Classroom or at Home or in their clubs and societies or as afterschool programme or at summer camps.

It all begins with a RoadShow. Next round of Roadshow commences November 4, 2016. Expect us in your school very soon

RoboRAVE Playshop

RoboRAVE Playshop designed and professionally executed for your students and their teachers to grasp the fundamentals of DESIGNING, BUILDING AND PROGRAMMING robots to tasks. RoboRAVE Playshop are in two streams - Free and Premium Playshops.


Much detailed and premium in-school roboplayshop with special emphasis on DESIGNING, BUILDING & PROGRAMMING ROBOTS to solve RoboRAVE Challenges. Also an intra-school RoboRAVE Competition to further excite, engage and entertain your students.

RoboRAVE Nigeria

This is our flagship RoboRAVE Event in Nigeria and feature school teams that are ready to test Robots on the national scales, also features teams from other countries. Also features a Robot Academy for educator.

In our quest to ensure we get our students all over Nigeria playing with their robots and allied inventions, we are bring RoboRAVE event closer to schools. Thus we will in addition to having RoboRAVE Nigeria Local in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

RoboRAVE Global Events

We organize an annual global flagship event “RoboRAVE International” and also global RoboRAVE events in virtually every continent, for schools whose students are ready to play at the global stage.


Today's Play... Tomorrow's Pay

To design, build and program a robot capable of completing an elevated maze in 2 minutes or less. The faster you can complete this tasks increases your overall score.

An autonomous robot must follow a line to a tower, stop, deliver at least 1 ping pong ball, and return to home under 3 minutes.

To design, build, and program an autonomous robot that can locate 4 lit candles, approach and extinguish each, without touching the candles.

Market, for votes from all attendees at RoboRAVE US 2017, an innovative, working robotic product (autonomous and/or remote controlled) that customers will want to buy!