Young people today have lots of experience…interacting with new technologies, but a lot less so of creating (or) expressing themselves with new technologies. It’s almost as if they can read but cannot write

Mitch Resnick


2017 RoboRAVE Nigeria has been officially announced to hold March 31 – April 1, 2017 at the City of Knowledge Academy, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. Here are the highlights of the announcement Students will compete in 5 Robot Challenged across four divisions, Elementary, Middle, High, Big Kids Amazeing, Alpine, Line Following, Fire-Fighting and Jousting are
Form Us With Love recently created the Nest Collection for +Halle. The series provides an unpronounced divider to the traditional lounge area, by simply creating layers of both high and low seating. The heights offers a sense of privacy, whilst maintaining the comfort of a relaxed armchair.

How to Start Robotics At Your School

Very interesting infographics about How to Start Robotics At Your School.
This is to invite all Nigerian Schools either participating at RoboRAVE Nigeria or not to participate at RoboRAVE International in Colombia our global flagship event for 2017. If interested send an email to

What YEAR are you preparing your students for?

Heidi Hayes Jacobs